Children grow at different rates at different times. They, just like adults, come in all different shapes and sizes. What can parents do if they believe that their child’s weight is negatively impacting his or her health. First, don't blame the child and expect them to take full responsibility. Dr. Yoni Freedhoff is an obesity expert, author of The Diet...[ read more ]


Parents are often burdened with responsibilities spanning from work, social events and family responsibilities. Often times struggling to manage it all. When we are at work we want to be home with our families. When we are at home we find our mind swirling with to do lists and unfinished projects. If we finally get a chance to carve out...[ read more ]


I often talk about setting emotional boundaries in relationships. What about boundaries for yourself? Is your self-talk often negative or do you disparage yourself for your faults? I recommend setting boundaries that stop you from tearing yourself apart and begin the road to self-acceptance. Self-acceptance begins with self-understanding. All humans are imperfect. We are not all good or all bad....[ read more ]


Ahh. Fall. You made it through the heat of summer, got the kids off to another year of school and now you can luxuriate in a sweater and sip on a spiced latte. Not quite. Fall brings on homework, tests, sports practice, sports games, school Halloween Parties, Trunk or Treats, birthday parties, you get the idea. This time of year...[ read more ]


Trauma takes many forms but simply put it is when we experience an event in which we perceive our life to be threatened or we witness such an event. Everyone reacts to trauma differently. In our more recent history, Americans have increasingly been exposed to traumatic events in the form of mass shootings. Here in Las Vegas, we are still...[ read more ]


It can be frustrating to watch your once confident and care free child pull back as fear and worry take over. In my clinical experience I have found that some people are more prone to anxiety than others. If a child is anxious, he or she may continue to experience anxiety throughout his or her life cycle. Therefore, the goal...[ read more ]


​Do you remember a time before human beings had cell phones permanently attached to their hands? I struggle to recall. I am guilty of having my phone on my person at all times. If I forget my phone, I admit to feeling a little anxious. Our phones provide incredibly helpful technology. I can order birthday presents, my groceries, schedule clients,...[ read more ]

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